Friday, August 15, 2008

I WISH I WAS THERE: Johnny Cupcakes LA Store Opening

"It felt like the Beatles had landed in LA."
-BobbyHundreds from The Hundreds

This is Johnny Cupcakes, he sells t-shirts (and other stuff) with cupcakes on them. For real, this Boston native has built a multi-million dollar, international cult following on cupcakes. Many streetwear heads (including myself) don't understand the fascination associated with the image of the brand, but hey, design is subjective and what’s wrong with having a little bit of good old fun? If anything, you have to respect Johnny's passion, determination, hustle, creative mind, and his general good-guy persona.

Recently, Johnny Cupcakes setup shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. With the help of the same fabricators that Disney use, Johnny created a cupcake wonderland.

This is how the shit went down.....

Johnny Cupcakes Los Angeles
7959 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

The cupcake troops started the line 4 days before opening day, that's some serious dedication.

Johnny arrives in style via a vintage truck and a custom cage box that was built by the same dudes who worked on all the crates for the new Indiana Jones moive.

"I felt like Hannibal Lecter, except with hay in my pants." - Johnny Cupcakes

Yes, that is real steam.


Huge congrats to Johnny and the whole cupcake fam. Thanks to BobbyHundreds for some of the photography creds. I am definately looking forward to visiting the store when I'm down in LA next week. Until then, PEACE!

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