Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GOODS: AUG/12/08.

All day, everyday...

N4E1 2008 Fall/Winter Catolog Preview
Found another teaser of their much anticipated fall/winter collection. Expect the N4E1 crew to drop it like its hot after MAGIC at the end of this month. Sick.

Source: N4E1

Louis Vuitton Men's Catalog Fall-Winter 2008
I love luxury products, who doesn’t, maybe that’s why I’m so fucking broke all the time. Check LV’s Men’s fall/winter collection, looks like black is here to stay for a little longer.

See the rest of

Thanks to ilovelv!

Be Positive 2008 Fall/Winter Collection - Chukka Leather
You have to appreciate the simplicity of this casual dress shoe. Notice the laces, mad slick. Available now at

Casio G-Shock 2008 Fall/Winter Crazy Colors Collection
The name of this collection says it all, now go and get G'ed up!

The Hundreds 5TH Throwbacks
Nostalgia is a weapon. Click HERE for full collection.
Thanks to Bobby and rest of the Hundreds fam.

Big thanks to Hypebeast!

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