Monday, August 11, 2008



I'm not sure if it’s their ability to blend street with sophistication or simply HOON's natural French swagger, whatever it is, this Paris collective have got me wanting and wishing for more. Recently, James from SLAMXHYPE was lucky enough to catch up with Adrien from HOON. Their conversation further solidified my beliefs, as well as opening me up to new insights and philosophies every fashion label should not be without...

Lastly, I would like to congratulate HOON on their recent endeavor into clothing, I would wish them good luck but from the look of their collection, I don't think they will be needing any. Shit is 100% certified DOPE.

Peep HOON's website HERE. Look for the white and blue baseball jacket, personal favorite.

Read James's(SLAMXHYPE) full interview

HUGE thanks to James from SLAMXHYPE!

“I grew up with street culture, particularly the hip hop and graffiti scenes. As I got older my personal style, as well as my lifestyle, evolved. There came a time when, as a consumer……I was looking for something different ; something more sophisticated in style and quality, but that also stayed faithful to my street wear mentality. It was from this lack in the market that HOON was born.” - Adrien from HOON

“I just let the inspiration come naturally. I have a very passionate and inquisitive character. A massive range of different things interest me. I find inspiration everywhere. I try to mix the things that appeal to me together in the most intelligent way possible.” – Adrien from HOON

“The idea that street wear and luxury are incompatible is a myth. Street wear is above all a culture and a state of mind. Luxury is about expert craftmanship and the use of the finest materials. There is no reason why the two shouldn’t work together. Street wear has existed for more than twenty years now; it has definitely started to be seen as something powerful, with a real influence.” - Adrien from HOON

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