Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A TALE OF 3 CITIES: San Francisco Day 1


Yo! I'm back homies (sorry for the delay). Too many pictures I want to share with you, so its coming in installments for all the Treezy heads out there.

First day in SF was dope still, peep the pics...

Stopped over in Minneapolis real quick, they got vending machines for everything.

Snoop dog was doing it BIG in Minneapolis, they have statues of him everywhere (1 of 1000000).

I had to chase this bum down to get this pic. Despite carrying over 500 pounds of crap, he was actually pretty fast. Man is skilled!

These pigeons were waiting to shit on me.... definitely plotting something, believe it. Notice them all looking away from the camera, if you only knew..... Remember the Goodfeathers from the Animaniacs? True story!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).

Picture taking was prohibited inside MOMA, but check my ninja skills.

Chinese art is gaining some serious recognition, crazy crazy stuff.

"Made in China"

Believe it or not, I was told that breaded cream puffs were "the crack" of choice in Cali, so naturally I had to try one. Paid $2.50 USD for a super-sized cream puff, still, well worth it. Went back for round 2 a few days later, but thats where it ended.

Union Square is sick, wish they had one in every city.

Got caught up in a Tibetan freedom rally for a minute. Yeessssss, I always wanted to say I was part of one of these. Haha.

HonorRolla. Peep his blog HERE.

Stopped by North Beach and ate dinner at The Stinking Rose, every dish was spiked with more garlic then you can handle. Trust, I ate a whole pack of gum afterwards.

Will have day 2 (SF) & 3 (SF/LA) up soon fast, check back or not. Whatever....

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