Wednesday, September 10, 2008



This day was lax as hell. The DSLR camera battery ran out, so I decided to just kick it by the pool and soak in some of that Cali sun. Anyways, check the 4 pics that I managed salvaging.

Taken when I woke up from the window of my hotel room at Le Sofitel in West Hollywood. This was around 7am, despite checking in the hotel at 4am after driving from San Francisco, I was up. And I was still jet lagged, I went back to bed right after.

La Cienega Blvd. - Notice the giant pair of 501's. Nice.

Taken inside the Beverly Center. I was later told that West Hollywood (Wes Ho) was the gayest part of LA. Which explains the 5 homos in black Speedos I later saw at the pool. LOL. True story.

Mad lazy the whole day, didn't even want to go out for dinner. Ended up ordering room service from Simon LA. Fuck, you don't want to know what I paid for this tasty shit.

Crazy sick day for me, shitty day for my credit card. Hit up Melrose/Fairfax/La Brea, grabbed some Hawaiian food in Little Japan and eventually walked with the stars on Hollywood/Sunset Blvd.


This dude had throwups everywhere, too bad I couldn't read his tag.

Johnny Cupcakes LA
Johnny didn't lie! It really did smell like baked goods inside the store, plus there was steam escaping randomly from the ovens. Felt like I was in a cupcake hotbox. Did I hear hotbox?! WORD.

Kid Robot LA
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. That's all I have to say about that.

Max Ayria
Max gets the crazy architecture award. The whole store was covered in twirling twigs and branches.

DC Flagship store
There was a model casting that day, so there were 18 year old models walking in and out of the store all day long. No comment...

Crooks & Castles 8021 Flagship
Yo! The Crooks crew were the dopest. Nothing was too much for these cats, talked about upcoming drops/collabs and just kept it real. There is a reason why the Crooks fam have created an empire.

The interior of the store was typical Bape illness, but the staff and the products were weaksauce/dated. No hate, I just feel that Nigo needs to re-invent himself. Its not even about the money, the man has achieved too much to stop here. Believe me, I have the greatest respect for this man.


Diamond Supply Co. LA
Its all good...

Flight Club LA
A sneaker freaker's wet dream.

The Hundreds LA
LA's favorite sons. The Hundreds is HUGE.


Alife gets the most innovative design/concept award. Similar to an art gallery, all the products are hung on the wall and encased in glass, there is nothing in the store you can actually touch (CLICK HERE TO SEE PIC). When you cash out, you make your way to a subway style pay booth which is again encased in glass and security bars. But despite the feeling of exclusivity and the insane concept Alife has developed, it felt somewhat cold and detached. Sick store regardless.

Hall of Fame
Fitteds. Fitteds. Fitteds. Get your fitted.

It's a bird.... It's a plane..... Nnnaawww!! It's SuperJew. Haha, its all love.

Supreme LA
I was so fucking ready man. Closed! The UPS guy was the most I got from the Supreme experience.

Recession's special??????? I know a place in Toronto where you pay $6, aannyy time. No guarantees on the end result though.


Terry Richardson's Supreme Kermit

Peeps sell crazy sick vintage household fixtures for more then they are worth. Cool as fuck though.

Union & Stussy LA

Check the KAWS mural.

They got a zen river/pond/waterfall outside flowing to the inside. No fucking around here.

Running the vintage sports apparel game, &STILL has "the real" exclusive shit, trust me, if not me trust BobbyHundreds (CLICK HERE). Plus look who I ran into, The Arab Parrot (CLICK HERE). Check the shades out, You know your the man when you got those shades on. Best of luck in New York P.

Possibly the only standing life size cut-out of Shaq in LA, the rest have been destroyed by Kobe.


Youngwood Court
The house of a thousand tiny David cocks and 2 bright orange cars. People actually petitioned to get this guy to take the penises down. LOL.

My boy told me this tunnel was famous for something.


First time eating Hawaiian food, still questioning if that was really really Hawaiian food. I ate it anyways, Spam sushi rocks.

Spam sushi

Cabbage with crushed instant noodles.

An egg on top of a hamburger with rice smothered in gravy.

I dunno what this is.

Rocket fuel.

This guy had a picture of Bruce Lee in his car window. BL 4 LIFE....

Yo! They call Bubble Tea, Boba tea in the Cali....WTF!?!? Weird


Ronald McDonald VS. Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders is now dead, I guess the Big Mac won this one.

Vintage Barbies

Supposedly this was "the craze that caused 1000 parking tickets". I was hating hardcore at the time, but now I want it. I fucking suck.

I'm home! Chinatown


My Heroes

Roosevelt Hotel
Once the home of Marilyn Monroe, now home to LA's drugged and drunk social scene. I guess not much has changed. Wicked.

Donald Duck


My boy told me this poster described my life. We no longer friends anymore. Haha, kidding.

I knew I would find a hottie in LA. SSCCCOOoorRCCCEee.

EZ..... Tomorrow I go to the Getty... check back, shit is perverted, you'll see.

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