Friday, September 26, 2008

GOODS: SEPT 26/08. (a little late)


“Le Clochard” By SZN

Hahahaha. “The income is used to fund housing projects which prioritize supporting young people in finding work or continuing their education.” Nice.


KRINK K-66 Ball-Point Marker - New Colors

Get that. Krink that.


OriginalFake x Star Wars Storm Trooper KAWS

SICK.... Where do I begin?


Head Porter 2008 Fall/Winter “Croco” Collection - Long wallet

Thin, long, and all croc'ed up. Can't go wrong.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

The Hundreds x Gravis Black Box Collection
HOLY FUCK! When will the hundreds stop? Never probably.... and with the help of Gravis, these cases are 100% certified functional, check the skate wheels!!! The next time you travel, bring the hundreds for the ride...

SOUCRE: The Hundreds

Raised by Wolves 2008 Fall/Winter Hats
Some really are....

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Creative Recreation 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

I rock Creative Rec's so I guess that tells you how I feel about that. Rightfully so, they have toned tings down a couple levels for fall/winter. I'm feelin the burgundy....

See full collection HERE.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Pointer 2008 Fall/Winter Collection - Barajas Mid

Not sure what to say about this, but there is something about it that I like. Can't seem to put my finger on it.... I'll let you know when I do.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Randy Moss x Pony 2008 Fall/Winter Collection - "Treeson Pick"
Red, Black and Slick. No need to bother with the rest of the collection.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

ALIFE 2008 Fall Collection

See full collection HERE.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

ALIFE Vancouver Maple Leaf T-shirt

I am Canadian. Deal with it...

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Stussy Toronto Chapter Tee

Deal with it some more....

"From the north with love".... you can't hate on that.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Rocksmith 2008 Fall Collection - Roc-Option Satin varsity jacket & Slash Hoodie
Just Rock it.

Source: Hypebeast

HUF 2008 Fall/Winter Button-Up Collection
Something I didn't expect from HUF, the garment construction looks quality and designs are very grown-up. I'm liking this direction.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Canada Goose Japan 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

Primary designed for the Japanese market, the CG Japan collection is designed to be more streamline and fitting, resulting in an overall slimmer profile. Basically made for the little guy, skinny guy, Asian guy. Still, a good look....

See full collection HERE.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Stussy Deluxe 2008 Fall/Winter - "Treeson Picks"
All you need....

See full collection HERE.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

Acne Massimo Jacket

SOURCE: Selectism

BBlessing Menswear Collection Fall/Winter 2008
Nicely put together, for those days that count.

Inspired by "the hushed forest textures and crisp breaks of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States."

See full collection HERE.

Source: Selectism

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