Thursday, September 11, 2008



Day 5
After a day of credit abuse, I decided to chill on it and get cultured. So naturally, I made an assault on the local art galleries.


Giant Robot 2
Retailer of pop art related products.

MIZU 212
The atmosphere was good, the food was not.

Giant Robot 1
Same as Giant Robot 2, this store was down the street.

Black Market Apparel is also located on Sawtelle, they got a great selection of quality threads for both the men and the ladies. Peep their denim section, amazing sick fades at respectable prices.

THE GETTY CENTER: The Louvre of Los Angeles

The Truth Behind The Getty....
I could tell you about the unreal scenery and architecture, but no, I'm not going too. I could lie and say I loved the art, but no, I'm not going to do that. What I am going to tell you (and show you), is my 2.5 hour tour of some of the most perverted shit I have ever scene. It was all here, orgy action, child porn, S&M, you name it, they got it. Don't take you your kids here folks, this is an "adults only" party.

Haha, nnnaaawww, I'm kidding!!! Sorry!!! I'm fucking sick in the head..... For all you perverts and sickos looking for more information on the Getty click HERE.


After parking in the smallest parking space known to man kind, you ride a tram up a hill that takes you to an immaculate structure they call The Getty. The actual gallery and tram ride is free, but they do butt rape you with parking fees, so I guess that's a fair trade. No???

What the fuck is this guy looking at? Ggggeezzzz....

***WARNING!!! This is where the perversion starts.***

Holly Moses, would you look at that pubic hair, very well groomed sir.

Sick bastards

A guy with a chubby sitting on a donkey.... hhhhhmmmmm... I wonder what happens next. GOD HELP THEM!!!!!!

Check out that smog.

Child porn. FUCK. I hate these assholes, why can't they stop abusing my eyes!!


Irises by Vincent van Gogh ---- The real thing buddy, wonder how much its worth?

"Wheatstacks, Snow Effect" Morning - Claude Monet

Haha... I lied, but this is the last one, I swear.

Peep the "New Era Turban Fitted Cap", on sale now at your local retailer or

Planet earth styles!!

Museum of Modern Art (MOCA) and Surrounding Area:
Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures of the interior of MOCA, security was creeping on me like a fat kid on candy. I am sad to say my ninja photo-taking skills have failed me..... :(

In the balls son!!!


Walt Disney Concert Hall by star architect Frank Gehry

"GAY HEROES, LIVING HEALTHY LIVES, MAKING HEROIC CHOICES" <-WORD. One question though, why is everyone in the picture Spanish/Mexican? (taken at some random bus stop downtown LA)

Aunt Rosa Lee's Mississippi Soul Food
YYYEeeeessssssssssss.... I've been waiting for this moment my whole life.

Purple and brown drink


Short Ribs, corn, mac and cheese, potato salad

Ox tail, mac and cheese, greens, and sweet yams

Hamburger meat with gravy, mash, and corn

Aaaaaawwww... after getting my stomach filled with soul food goodness, I lost all desire to take anymore pictures. No, correction, I lost all desire to do everything and anything. What is that called again? Anyways, I don't even remember what happen afterwards. Honest.

Whatever... PEACE... more LA and Vegas pics coming.

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