Monday, September 8, 2008

A TALE OF 3 CITIES: San Francisico -> Los Angeles Day 3


Yo! Day three in San Francisco was rush, rush, rush. Had to do the drive to Los Angeles that same night, so we wrapped tings up real quick and said our last goodbyes/farewells. I will miss you San Francisco, I will be back.... mad love for SF.

Ran through Golden Gate Park, blazed through Haight again, ate Burmese food and burned the midnight oil all the way to Los Angeles. Word.

GOLDEN GATE PARK: Japanese Tea Garden


I found the "Combat Chucks" and the "Old School Japanese fitted cap" much more entertaining. Thank God for the cheesy asian gift shop. Thank God.


HERE! Gay Television on demand ---> LOL. I like to tune in once in awhile.

I went to heaven and back. For real, this is where dreams are made, where they come to die, and where they are found again at bargain prices!

A little of that Q-bert/Invisible Scratch Picklez love. HEY! We are in San Fran, the birthplace of the "new school" DJ (in my eyes at least). This shit brings me back to when I was 18.

"Drop Acid"- Why not?!?!?

"The Original Chinatown Badboys"

So hood.

A picture of my first album cover.

And when I thought San Francisco graffiti was dead, I stumbled into the lair of DOPENESS. If you are ever in SF, visit the small parking lot beside Amoeba Records. Trust, you will find some of the sickest characters ever. Karate Kid!?!?! WWhhhattt. Mad respects to "Lords Of Eyesuck Ink" and all the SF artists for holding that shit down...... :P

Always a good time in here.

The person on the left is actually a boy!!!! I'm still trying to figure out if the kid on the right is a man or woman. Fuck... this is going to take some time.

The green and purple dotted dinosaur says, "Don't sit on me".

Ghostface - Wu Tang

Rick Ross... haha

"Visions of a cheeseburger"... I had to help this guy fulfill his visions in the form of a 1 dollar bill.

Yahhh.. I'm there!


What is that statue (in the top left) supposed to be?

Thai ice tea. Hella refreshing, bets HK style ice tea any day.

Tea salad or something.

Eggplant with some brown sauce


Coconut rice.

I found these "chopstick helpers/training wheels" at the Japanese/Korean convenience store next to the restaurant. Shit works...

Easily my favorite store in SF. Half art gallery, half useless cool stuff.

When you peep into the hole at the center of the colour rays, you see a black and white movie of two jazz musicians jamming their hearts out.

Cheeseburger and apple 3D puzzle. From Japan obviously.

Submerge the white pill into water and it transforms itself into a wet towel.

ESCAPE FROM SAN FRANCISICO: Goodbye SF... Six to seven hour drive ahead.


HonorRolla's Crib
Stopped by my boy's house before crashing at the hotel. He claims to have the BEST Mac Book sticker ever......... I duuuuunnnnnooooo.

*** anyone reading this with a better laptop/computer sticker or design. Please send it to me! We gotta show HonorRoller how its really done! Hahaha.. Chris your my boy always, crappy sticker or not!***

FINALLY arrived at my home for the next 5 nights. Le Sofitel Los Angeles was pimp as fuck, I saw Chris Brown (supposedly with Rihanna) working out at the gym the next day. I got a good laugh out of that sighting still......

2 minutes into the room and its messy

Anyways, goodnight..... check back tomorrow for LA pics, where shit went down and my credit card bill went up......

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