Thursday, September 4, 2008

FOUND ART: Banksy does New Orleans & Alabama

"I got home at last and crawled into bed next to my girlfriend. I told her I'd had an epiphany that night and she told me to stop taking that drug 'cos it's bad for your heart." - Banksy

Banksy is an international street artist,
He is notorious,
He is anonymous,
He is rich in more ways then one,
He is hated,
He is loved,
He is admired
He is envied,
Banksy is a bloody genius……….

UK native, Banksy recently rolled through the dirty south, check what he left behind.


HERE or HERE for more info. Click HERE to visit his offical site.



Above: Alabama wasn't feelin it.

Some people say this is Bansky, no one knows for sure. As long as he keeps on painting, I could really give a fuck less...

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