Monday, July 28, 2008

THE FEATURE: N4E1 2008 Fall Collection


Appearing on Hypebeast moments ago, I was absolutely blown away when I saw these teaser fashion shots of N4E1's 2008 Fall Collection. With a re-developed focus and what looks like a refined design philosophy, I have full confidence that this collection will further blur the lines of high end fashion and the streetwear community.

Observing this HK/Toronto based brand since its humble beginnings, the designers at
N4E1 have definitely won me over. I am now a true believer.

Don't sleep on this crew, big tings are poppin..... I can feel it.

Check the gold zippers and collar on this military style jacket. I want to see a close up of the zippers and medallions. The inside of the jacket is a whole other story, will they hit us up with a surprise? Time will tell son...

Mulliner leather jacket - the clean stitch lines remind me of the leather seats of the Bently Continental GT I was in last month.
Hahaha, clever....
Notice the N4E1 monogram printed on the inside of the pant cuffs. Attention to detail always wins.
Congrats to the N4E1 and thanks to the boys from Hypebeast.

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The Honor Roller said...

nice. the tie sewn on the shirt was starting to become really popular in asia when i was there a few months back