Thursday, July 24, 2008

KICKS OF THE DAY: July 24, 2008.

Is streetwear the new luxury?

Yves Saint Laurent 2008 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection
First Gucci and now YSL, is streetwear the new luxury? We will find out soon enough, but one thing is for sure, men are the new women. The girls from Married to the Mob speak the truth, for real, for real.

YSL X Dr.Martens
It's 1995 again!!!

?uestlove X Nike 1World Air Force One
Can you say dope fast enough? Described as an extension of Questlove's personality, the fanboys are going to go nuts over this one. Check out the silhouette decal and what looks like Questlove's personal signature on the insole. For those who don't know, ?uestlove is the legendary drummer from "The Roots".

Dope!!!!!!!!!!!! (haha, 12)

Thanks to Kevin and the crew from Hypebeast


Andrew said...

judging by the shoe, its pretty obvious that ?uestlove is actually raphael from the ninja turtles

The Honor Roller said...

docs are illy man...i want a pair. also a pair of red wings... for the innner fob in me.

been loving them since last year:

just waiting for that student loan check to go crazy on.... been broke too long.