Thursday, July 17, 2008


This guy has been one of my favorite turntablists for a long ass time (along with Q and Craze of course). Check these videos, unreal...

DJ Kentaro is a Hip hop DJ from Japan. He came 3rd in the Technics DMC World DJ Final in 2001 and won it in 2002 at the age of 20. In doing so, he received the highest score in DMC history.

Kentaro recently supported hip-hop artists The Roots and The Pharcyde. Kentaro is well-known for having remixed various songs of Japanese megastar Ayumi Hamasaki

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The Honor Roller said...

yo. i got the chance to see this guy in beijing. he's amazing live. i loved "enter", but this killed the album 10 times. dude can cut up a record like no other.

i also did an interview w/ him too... i'll show you the video one day. he's a pretty avid budsmoker and kept talking about how much he loves dj premier... "against the wall" by group home is his favorite jam.