Monday, July 21, 2008


One of my favorite street/graf artist of our time, Kaws, along with John Mayer and Honeyee have released a collection of guitar picks featuring some of his signature icons. We all need a little Kaws in our life, with or without the guitar.

Also check out his recent cover of i-D Magazine, featuring his art over some photography of his friends (Nigo, Pharrell, Kanye,Stussy etc..). I've got this issue on hold at 3 different Chapters, seriously.

Lastly, any John Mayer fans will enjoy this video, I'm not and I still thought it was kinda jokes.

Thanks to my man KAWS, Hypebeast, I-D Mag, John Mayer, honeyee, my mom, my dad, my dog , and anyone that i might have missed. Haha, sorry, I think I'm funny.

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