Wednesday, July 23, 2008

118 WallyPower

Honored by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, winner of the Millennium Yacht Design Award, and featured in the movie "The Island", the 118 Wallypower is a high-speed luxury yacht.

Tested in the Ferrari wind/smoke tunnels, the superstructure is powered by a Rolls-Royce water jet and constructed of; fiberglass, carbon composite, Nomex, high-strength glass, and exotic wood veneers. As you enter the interior, the atmosphere is that of a ultra-modern New York style loft. Even the bathroom fixtures (including toilet set) and furniture are tastefully constructed of carbon fiber to save weight.

Bottom line: If you got 33 million dollars lying around, get one of these and achieve status beyond baller. If this doesn't do the trick, Wally Yachts are currently working on the successor, the 225 Wallypower.

Also check out Top Gear's video of the coolest boat in the world!

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kingcub said...

i love this carrrrr. boat too