Wednesday, July 30, 2008

GOODS: July 30/08.

"S" is for Swweettt....

HOON 2008 Fall Collection
French jewelery turned clothing label, HOON, is a known for their high standards in quality and design. I am personally known for dropping ridiculous dough on sick jackets, this one would definately be one of them, where the fuck do I sign up?

ELM COMPANY Designer Music Collection - "Summertime"
With roots from the snowboard community, Elm's latest “Designer Music” collection gives props to the Golden Era of hip-hop by releasing hats inspired by classic tracks of this time. The first throw up references DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith's “Summertime” from 1991. There are a crazy amount of infusions pulled from the both the lyrics and music video. Can you spot them all?

Click HERE for a list of those infusions.

Damn, coolest concept ever. Whats up next!? Wu? Tribe? Doesn't matter, its gonna be awesome.

SAGLiFE - Delta Force 1 Revival
Re-released in either black or olive green. This limited run bag is ready to take on any street mission with functions such as cell phone/water bottle/MP3 player compartments, board sleeve, and a quick-release headphone strap. What else do you need?

Now avaible at STLESS (this one's for you Androo)

Huge thanks go to the crew at Hypebeast.

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